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Practical tools that will make an immediate impact on your business


Execute for Growth Private Workshop

Execute for Growth is a private 1/2 day workshop for companies and associations.  If you are willing to invest 3 hours in your business - you will get practical methods and tools to:

  • Get 100% of your team executing off the same page
  • Connect your strategy to execution with measurable action plans

Growing your company is not an event – it is a process. This workshop will help you start every single day with a focused and measurable plan for your business, knowing with absolute confidence that you are on the right track.


To learn more or schedule a private workshop for your firm or association, contact Nancy Sacani at 704-996-3402.

Hear what attendees are saying

Your workshop was the best EO workshop event in the past 12 months. With what you offer, I can take that and let my staff use it (one step at a time, I learnt that from Colin). They find it very easy to use - red, yellow, green, supergreen. It gives them priority and what to work on and not just do so many things just to impress me.

Eddie Phoon, Event Director, USA Songwriting Competition


Your presentation was awesome. I am going to take my current Rhythm meeting and accountabilities to a new level with the Green, Yellow, Red.

Jarrett Davidson, President, World of Water International Ltd

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Execute For Growth
Patrick Thean, CEO of Gazelles Systems and Author of Execute Without Drama, has resources to help you execute faster